Description: Ouiji is a story of a writer who is executing research on a Ouija board she acquired at a goodwill store. The Ouija board is actually ancient and has a dark past. Oriel will soon discover an unexpected mystery.

Writer and Director : Azron Shai
Lead Actress : Lora Overton
Ghost Actor : Jesus Curioso
Production Designer : Oscar Curioso
Sound Effects : Shybeats
Sound Engineer, P.A. : Jesus Curioso
Costume Design : Make-Believe

Camera : Panasonic GH3
Color Enhancement : Magic Bullet

SB Thoughts:

:24 “you never talk to me anymore, it makes me feel really unloved.”

:55 “keep yourself shut, they said. whatever, buddy, how ya like me now?”

1:02 excuse me, is that FOUR PC TOWERS?? who is this woman? ANONYMOUS??

1:32 “thanks for the forewarning, supercomputer AI.”

1:36 “is the bad thing going to happen to my vagina?”

2:17 “HA HA, okay, THAT ONE was oddly specific..”

2:59 what kind of quiz is this????

3:58 “it is I, the murderer from Scream…a/s/l?”

4:32 still got spooked.

Lesson: Online quizzes are all made by the devil.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩

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