Description: A man hears knocking at his door late at night and quickly discovers that something sinister wants to come in.

Written and Directed by Danny Donahue
Starring Jamie Daniels

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SB Thoughts:

:12 dude has bars on his windows. he knows.

1:37 genius gun trick, friend.

2:20 uh oh, spooky shadow behind you.

2:27 don’t worry, it’s gone. i’m sure it was nothing.

2:30 i’m sure these threats are working, Terry. you are a man in-charge of your domain. don’t let the spooks tell you any different.

2:48 lmao ok, Freddy-hand, just barge right in, I guess.

Lesson: Freddy-hand don’t follow nobody’s rules.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩

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