The Farmhouse

Description: What lurks in the shadows of the old, abandoned farmhouse?

The Farmhouse is a simple, short horror film that we put together on the fly. It was initially meant to be only a mood piece to help demonstrate how to effectively used sound and cinematography to help create that classic horror vibe, but after finishing it, I decided to add in a few simple story elements to flesh it out a bit. In reality, the day I shot this, I had only intended to take a few pictures, but the weather, vibe, and mood were all so perfect that day, I had no choice but to get the cameras out and start shooting! Enjoy, and thanks for watching!

Be sure to watch this on a large screen if you can, some important elements can be hard to catch on a small monitor.


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MUSIC: Triune Scores Horror Pack

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SB Thoughts:

1:17 :crosses fingers this ends up being a trailer for Jeepers Creepers 3:

3:36 I’m gonna be honest, I DID NOT know where to look first watch through. Without the musical cue it could have just as easily been a contemporary real estate ad.

Lesson: Can’t sell a house already occupied by a spook.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

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