The Thing in the Apartment

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“The Thing in the Apartment”

Writer/Director: John William Ross
Producer: Jonathan Judelson
DP: Oliver Young
Production Designer: Kim Risi
Edited by: John William Ross, Keith Schwebel
Assistant Producer: Dani Castellanos
Associate Producer: Jon Kovel
Music by: Ryan Adison Amen
Creature SFX: Vincent J. Guastini
Costume Designer: Martha Gretsch
Casting by: Kara Sullivan

Melia Renee
Carly Jones
Ryan Allan Young

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SB Thoughts:

:18 love those bed sheets

2:36 “because you know how I abuse sleeping pills? so anyway”

3:15 spook

3:18 “you didn’t have to scream at me lady..I’m going, I’m going..”

3:36 so like, she should be dead asleep by now if she isn’t a pill popper

4:33 “oh yeah..I own possessions still”

5:35 pills

6:13 because WHY TURN ON THE LIGHTS?? smart thinking, Sam.

7:41 yeah just back up all willy-nilly with a monster on the loose

7:47 you scary


8:28 andformynexttrick.png

9:06 way to go Lindsey, you got Sam all eated by stretch-armstrong Voldemort.

9:22 “BUCKET’S TIME TO SHINE [they said I’d never make it in show business]”

9:36 “fell for the ol’ bucket trick — Lindsey, my girl.”

Lesson: Paid for by the makers of Stretch-Armstrong Voldemort.


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩

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