The Orchard

Description: A group of teenagers come back from a party when their car breaks down.

Filmed on Canon 6D


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SB Thoughts:

:39 “I gotta pee…OUT THIS DEMON”

:59 robbie, you are a bad actor

1:14 “Robbie, you know I’m actually gay right?”

1:38 “babe, no one gives a fuck, just get to peein on those apples”

2:00 “tonight I wore my best bed sheet for the occasion”

2:28 “welp, I don’t see any apples. guess I’ll just pee on this cross”

2:38 hahahahah LIKE SHE DIDN’T SEE THAT CIRCLE OF CANDLES BEFORE WE PANNED TO IT. (sorry for possession shaming)

3:32 “shh shh, guys, check out this circle of candles we all saw from back by the car because we’ve been walking maybe 30 feet”

3:45 “demon whispers, demon whispers”

4:24 “i don’t know what to do…let’s make out about it”

4:35 possessed by a rooster


Lesson: If you have to pee on the side of the road, don’t walk into the obvious demonic circle of candles and you’ll be fine.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩

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