Description: People with OCD are prone to horrific intrusive thoughts…or even thoughts about evil.

Starring Roberto Raad

Directed by Steven Smith
Produced by Roberto Raad
Written by Roberto Raad
Director of Photography – Michael Tushaus
Edited by Steven Smith
Sound by Paul Tumpson & Zachary Vantilborg
PA -Alexia Gross

A SlapTV Production


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SB Thoughts:

:47 this ghost is a fucking asshole

1:11 I don’t think the wind does it like that, buddy

1:23 this ones just straight scary

1:36 whoa

1:50 I really just feel bad

1:57 hahah you just have an intruder. just go tell him to leave.

2:15 is that YOU??

2:26 that’s what I thought

2:37 this is so fucking clever.

3:43 😦

Lesson: You’re haunting yourself, big guy.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩

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