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Description: Please suscribe if you had a pleasant time 🙂

Shot with a7s with minimum light

SB Thoughts:

:00 is this about butts? I wonder if it’s about butts.

:44 what’re you?

1:08 is jus hair


1:25 we all know it’s gonna be behind you once you look, dumbo

1:48 uff, just do it already…

2:03 why, suspense, WHYYY

2:08 there is literally nothing there? i went back and checked repeatedly.

2:38 this is the first spook I’ve seen in QUITE A-WHILE that has no problem working a doorknob. THEY’RE LEARNING!!

2:51 gotta set the mood

2:55 woof

3:02 why’s it sound so slimy?


3:23 $100 says nothing will be there and it will be behind you once the camera pans

3:31 ooo I was so wrong

Lesson: keep-calm-and-get-spooked-4.jpg

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩


Description: This is the first film we made. The film taken using Canon DSLR 600D with minimum lighting. Sorry for the noise. Better take the headsets on for best experience.

SB Thoughts:

:24 ohh, kind of like me right now

:46 I wish I was eating snacks

1:50 this has been an exciting couple minutes of watching some dude live his life and everything..

2:30 a nun is here

2:40 the sheets will save you..what could go wrong?

3:05 seriously? did I miss something??

Lesson: Bed sheets are magic that keep away shadow nuns.

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars ✩