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Near Death Experience

Description: Two people have near death experiences on the same date. An investigator is brought in to see if these two incidences are related and to help find the man responsible.

Written, shot, directed, and edited by Jonah George
Visual FX by Cole Ledger

Edited in Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effects CS6

Shot on Sony fs-700u and Sony Lens
Drone shots with Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition

SB Thoughts:

1:33 hahaha what

2:04 oo someone got a drone


3:06 hate it when that happens

3:13 ..these must be some amateur kidnappers..

3:40 garbage can of water?

3:51 realistically she never would have survived this.

4:10 shoes.jpg



5:46 “so I was like..well I got one almost dead person, MAY AS WELL pick up this one TOO..”

6:30 “okay, I’m like 15, and have no connection to the police. so I dunno why you told me all that”

6:51 ooohhhh shittttt wow.jpg

7:10 “time to kill this guy, again.”

Lesson: This killer sucks.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩


Description: http://www.speechlessmovie.com/

A boy tries to find out if someone is really outside of his bedroom door.

Starring Ryan Craig, Shani Salyers Stiles and Scott Allen Tucker

Story by Dan Dark
Directed by Dustin Demoret
Produced by Dan Dark and Lauren Harper Dumoulin

Filmed by Bayonet Media

(c) 2017 Dan Dark

SB Thoughts:

:24 ALRIGHT, who gave the alien from signs a flashlight and some roller skates?

1:07 also maybe a whistle and a bird?

2:09 hopefully this alien knows english and also has a writing utensil on their person

2:15 there we go, Bobby my boy. sharing is caring.

2:50 well, they asked nicely?

4:04 “not my skin…I need that stuff”

4:26 “I’m your mom; I brought that skin into this world and I’m here to take it back.”

4:45 mean mom is mean.

5:12 aw shit, Bobby. hold onto your skin cuz it about to get ripped.

5:20 rude. that colored pencil didn’t even belong to you.

5:27 why is the signs alien covered in seaweed and surrounded by birds?

5:41 this whole time it was the work of just one ugly [but literate] gorilla.

Lesson: Gorillas want to eat your skin, and your mom doesn’t even care.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩