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Urban Legends | Episode 2

Description: Episode II of the Web Series | URBAN LEGENDS.

‘Whether it’s homicides or hauntings, monsters or madmen, we all know the tales of woe that happened to a friend of a friend.

This dark anthology retells a series of sinister stories that have been famously told around the world with all of us having once, or still believing in an Urban Legend.’

http://www.morduepictures. com/urbanlegends

Written by: Luke Mordue.

Directed by: Luke Mordue.

Produced by: Natasha Branson. Nathaniel Francis. Luke Mordue. Kirsty Proffitt. Hannah-Lee Osborn.

SB Thoughts:

:48 “hello, it is I, your dog, here to tell you I love you.”

2:05 “I will guard you against the darkness, human.”

3:38 something is doing licking

4:19 “I got hung me up like a carcass when you were asleep, asshole.” – a good boy

4:47 GO ONNNNN.. 😉😉; )

Lesson: Humans can lick too [if you know what I mean].

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩