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Description: Horror short film by Andrés Borghi from Argentina (andresborghi@gmail.com)
Premiered on the “Terrorificamente Cortos” film festival in October 2013.

-First prize, 14th Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre film festival (Argentina, Nov 2013).
-First Prize, Festival de Marcos Juarez (Argentina, Jul 2014)
-Audience Award, 9º Festival Aurora (México, Mar 2014)
-Audience Award, Festival Mil Gritos (Argentina, Aug 2014)
-Third Prize, Horrible Imaginings Festival (U.S.A., Oct 2014)
-Third prize, Pehuencortos (Argentina, Mar 2014)
-Third Prize, La Noche del Cortometraje (Argentina, Dec 2013)
-Best Sound, Festival internacional de cine de Tapiales (Argentina, Dec 2014)

Official selection in these festivals:

-47° Sitges Fantastic Film Festival (Spain, Oct 2014)
-NOLA Horror Film Fest (U.S.A., Septe 2014)
-OZZU Film Festival (Italy, Nov 2014)
-Abertoir Horror Fest (England, Nov 2014)
-Fantaspoa 2014 (Brazil, May 2014)
-Mórbido Film Fest (Mexico, Nov 2014)
-28º Festival internacional de cine de mar del plata (Argentina, Nov 2013)
-Festival internacional de cine de Tapiales (Argentina, Dec 2014)
-Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana (Cuba, Nov 2014)
-Zinemazombie fest (Colombia, Nov 2014)
-Halloween Film Fest (Spain, Oct 2014)
-Festival Interiora 2014 (Italy, Oct 2014)
-Festival Acocollona’t 2014 (Spain, Oct 2014)
-VIII Festival de Cine Underground (Argentina, Oct 2014)
-Serbian Fantastic Film Festival (Serbia, Oct 2014)
-Festival Post Mortem (Mexico, Oct 2014)
-2° Festival de cine Esteban Echeverría (Argentina, Sept 2014)
-Festival FAB 2014 (Argentina, Sept 2014)
-9° Festival Fesaalp (Argentina, Sept 2014)
-V Festival Fangofest Amposta (Spain, Sept 2014)
-Festival FLVR de Rosario (Argentina, Sept 2014)
-Tandil Cortos (Argentina, Aug 2014)
-Festival Mil Gritos (Argentina, Aug 2014)
-Festival Marfici (Argentina, Aug 2014)
-Semana de Soria en Buenos Aires (Argentina, Aug 2014)
-Mendoza Rojo Sangre (Argentina, Jul 2014)
-Festival de Marcos Juárez (Argentina, Jul 2014)
-Fantosfreak 2014 (Spain, Jul 2014)
-Cryptshow 2014 (Spain, Jul 2014)
-36º Jornadas Uncipar (Argentina, Apr 2014)
-IV Fanter Film Festival (Spain, Mar 2014)
-Pehuencortos (Argentina, Mar 2014)
-9º Festival Aurora (México, Mar 2014)
-La Noche mas Corta (Argentina, Dec 2013)
-Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre º14 (Argentina, Nov 2013)
-Festival de cine de terror y fantástico de Peligros (Spain, Oct 2013)
-Sustefest (Mexico, Oct 2013)
-Terrorificamente cortos (Spain, Oct 2013)


Director and screenwriter: ANDRÉS BORGHI
Director of photography: JULIÁN BATISTUTA
Production Designer: MARCELO VALIENTE
Production company: ESTRELLA INFERNAL
All rights reserved.

SB Thoughts:

3:23 “now that I’m dead you think you can just unfriend me on Community ™”


3:52 ah, the acid just kicked in

4:27 Ghostbook ™

4:48 don’t computer anymore. give up computering forever.

5:22 fuck me

5:44 “hey, uh, my dead ex girlfriend is haunting the fuck out of me right now. do you want to go ANYWHERE ELSE?”

6:46 “Okay we’re broken up too, bye!” :runs out of apartment, leaves country:

7:37 duuuuude

Lesson: Ghosts live in the electricity.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩

The Farmhouse

Description: What lurks in the shadows of the old, abandoned farmhouse?

The Farmhouse is a simple, short horror film that we put together on the fly. It was initially meant to be only a mood piece to help demonstrate how to effectively used sound and cinematography to help create that classic horror vibe, but after finishing it, I decided to add in a few simple story elements to flesh it out a bit. In reality, the day I shot this, I had only intended to take a few pictures, but the weather, vibe, and mood were all so perfect that day, I had no choice but to get the cameras out and start shooting! Enjoy, and thanks for watching!

Be sure to watch this on a large screen if you can, some important elements can be hard to catch on a small monitor.

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MUSIC: Triune Scores Horror Pack

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SB Thoughts:

1:17 :crosses fingers this ends up being a trailer for Jeepers Creepers 3:

3:36 I’m gonna be honest, I DID NOT know where to look first watch through. Without the musical cue it could have just as easily been a contemporary real estate ad.

Lesson: Can’t sell a house already occupied by a spook.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Leave Us Alone

Description: This horror movie short was a 2013 Screamfest Official Selection.

Sam, a young single mother inherits a profitable piece of farmland from a grandfather she never knew. On the grandfather’s deathbed, he tells Sam about a ship that crash-landed on the farm, and the deal that he made to not disturb the travelers when they return. Covering up the disappearance of three missing geologists, Sam is prepared to do anything to protect her son as well as the farm’s dark secret.
Directed By:
Nicholas Treeshin
Produced By:
Hayden Baptiste, Rodney Davidson & Riley Walsh
Written By:
Nicholas Treeshin
Main Cast:
Leah Gibson & Phil Granger

SB Thoughts:

:09 she does NOT look happy

:19 the little boy from the omen grew up poorly

1:05 “mind if I bother you while you’re clearly thinking to yourself about something terrible?”

2:04 “are you being a bad mom right now?”

3:50 “…I need you to complete the ritual so the demon spawn can terrorize the earth and almighty Baphomet can rise again”

4:07 Ancient-Aliens

4:54 this is the box I keep all their big ol’ floppy probing dildos in. keep them safe. ✍

5:11 normal response to orb flight

5:25 the cock ring has spoken.

6:49 “I’m not your buddy, friend”

6:56 ♫ transformers: robots in disguise ♫

7:11 sucked em’ up like a noodle

8:43 Pepperidge Farm remembers, old man

9:55 now all you got is alien replacement son

10:52 “okay, lady, we pooped your real son back out of our goop. byyee”

Lesson: Aliens are dicks.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩