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Description: This short horror film was shot in one night and edited in about 30 hours.

Filmed on the Canon T2i with the 50mm f1.8 and Stigma 30mm f1.4

We were a Top 10 Finalist in the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Short Film Contest. Entries were received across the country and narrowed down to 10 by producer and actor Eli Roth, Marc Graser, and John Murdy

CreepyLA.com says: “Hacked by Stephen Lubin has scared me away from video chatting for a spell.”

Halloween-Blues.com writes: Best Film Overall: Hacked- This one won me over with it’s use of modern internet humor, disturbing killer and with the chilling idea of seeing your own death before it happens. Overall it was very solid and I hope they can take home the award.”

Directed and Edited By: Stephen Lubin
Written By: Paul Moomjean
Husband & Wife: Charlie Rude & Jackie Ganz
Hacker: Michael Lubin
Superdude: Andrew Morgan
Sheena the Goddess of War: Kristin Rice
Freedom Fighter: Barry Lubin
Director of Photography: Kyle Ford
Camera: Chuck Costable
Special Effects: Gracie Bifulco
Makeup: Kelsey Coffin
Sound: Andrew Morgan
Production Assistant: Kasey Lubin

SB Thoughts:


:25 hahah okay?

:35 chat. myfucking face lmao

:45 “wah, I’m so lonely time to go beat off on chatroulette”

1:02 waffle dropper, be more careful

1:12 yeah IT’S YOU.

1:22 “shut the fuck up, Todd, I actually hate you” – is what Julie didn’t say

1:38 hahah I love that scare

1:45 is just a spooky game, Todd, be cool

2:08 dude, you two got camera killed by albino Eminem so hard

2:12 will the real Slim Shady PLEASE. STAND. UP.eminem.png


Lesson: Chatroulette, more than just dicks; albino Eminem.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩

The Other Woman

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“The Other Woman”

Director, Screenwriter: Michael Horrigan

Crypt TV:

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SB Thoughts:

:02 havin’ a guest over for dinner

:03 you’re getting blood –ALL OVER– THE CUCUMBERS!! 😐

:13 cheating bastard



Lesson: Sarah ain’t no one to fuck with.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩