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Description: CINEMATICACTION – [SHORT FILM] A horror (award winning) short film because it’s Halloween! Cause / effect / chicken-and-egg problem. It depends how you look at it. Perspective!

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I am Casper and CinematicAction is all about my passion for filming and producing all kinds of movies and sketches. I upload varied types of content. Half Minute Short Films (#HMSF) are sketches or films wrapped in just thirty seconds. In addition to these I also upload full length SHORT FILMS and other CINEMATIC SKETCHES like parodies. Occasionally, I upload SPECIALS. These are uploads I cannot categorize. If you find this interesting, don’t forget to subscribe so that you are the first one to see my new videos!

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SB Thoughts:

:24 “just got home from that My Chemical Romance concert”

1:02 way to go! you knocked over the metal pan taped to an umbrella we hang in the complex hallway

1:11 was that a totem pole that just fell over?


Lesson: The sweater’d adult version of you in another dimension is haunting the emo teenager version of you and vice versa.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩


Description: Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LeaningAHorr…

WINNER – Special Jury Award – Now Or Never IFF 2015 – Spain
WINNER – Best Screenplay – Premio Nazionale Bernardino Zapponi 201

SB Thoughts:


:59 aw man, is she about to fall out of that window bein toast dumb?

1:30 welp, the killer’s in that camper

2:20 hahaha shamelessly blatant

2:51 who else is grossed out by this dudes long stringy back of head hairs?


3:05 quit eatin’ your toast, Lucy, there’s murder afoot.

3:59 scene1.png

even the crypt keeper had more hairs


4:12 – 4:15 fixate on how much that pot sucks some more, why don’t ya

4:24 course it’s hot, you dummy, it’s on the fucking stove

4:33 excuse me, what the fuck was that mouth movement? get outta town.

5:01 he sure doesn’t beat around the bush

5:12 like really, just, eweww.png

5:15 even ewer


scissor me timbers


5:44 hahahaha she doesn’t give one fuck about him – get outta her way.

6:05 you come into MY HOUSE thinkin you can scissor MY TIMBERS. you got another thing comin, buster

6:11 aw man, is this gonna be the ol’ switcheroo. are they actually the bad guys? and he’s just some priest tryin to get the kid back that was stolen on the radio??

6:13 nice emo kid cross. what is that, a tattoo idea to finish your sleeve?

6:28 chahaha. witches are the best tho. who cares if they eat kids, we gotta too many of those bastards as is…who am I to question other people’s dietary habits?


7:11 you still nasty tho

7:25 little kidnapped spook

7:38 ya we got it already, radio star

Lesson: The headline will read, “Nasty priest makes witch wet and retrieves stolen kid.”

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩