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A horror short-film based on blue_tidal’s creepypasta story “The Smiling Man.” This was first introduced to me by the YouTuber Cry (or Cryaotic) in his amazing series, “Cry Reads…” If you’ve never seen it, definitely check it out.
This is my first scripted production and it has a lot of flaws. I filmed about half the shots I needed to, the low light and sound was a pain, but overall it was a great learning project. This was also the first and only projects I really got to work on with my cousin Jake (the second half of TheBrothersGrymm) before he passed away August 2015. I miss him more than the world, he was a genius when it came to the technical aspect of anything and life will be tough without him, but he believed in me and my pursuit to become a writer/director. I will do anything I can to prove him right.
I hope you enjoy and I am more than welcome to constructive criticism so I can make sure my next projects don’t fall into the same rut.
Thank you everyone who helped and made this project possible.
This ones for you Jake.

SB Thoughts:

1:21 hit by bus :end film:

2:25 literally no one would do this.



4:12 easiest. prey.

Lesson: R.I.P Debbie; she never stood a chance.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩

When I Am Alone

Description: “Your Inner Fear takes you”
This short film is about the fear in you and how it creates illusions
Cast: Arcot Nirmal, Nanna raju
Produced by: Mallikarjun

Oscar Dreams. pictures
ICONS media production

SB Thoughts:

:18 getta loada this drone

1:33 fun fact: that stuffed animal is aCtUaLlY the spawn of the Grinch fucking a cat and someone killing it to be taxidermy’d.

1:55 why

2:15 …so..a little overkill for just the title entrance..dontcha think

2:34 so, he’s gay

3:29 dude, it’s time to get your apartment exterminated of spooks

4:05 that’s right, don’t let that teddy bear intimidate you

4:33 those cacti are cute

5:11 ..I don’t even..what?

6:35 you forgot to pick up the apple, that’s just gross…your life wasn’t a dream, yadda yadda.

6:40 learn how to stairs

6:55 you’re arm food

Lesson: If you have this many problems being alone, you should probably seek professional help.

TDDR [too depressing didn’t read]: This guy’s life sucked and then he died.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩

Hide and Seek

Description: SuperfreakMedia closes the year with another festive tale of terror! Thanks as always for the continued support on the channel!

Starring – Matt Barker + Jonathan Butler
Special Thank to – KERA ROBSON for providing the aerial photography in the film
Check out her work: https://www.facebook.com/kerarobsonph…

WATCH THE BEHIND THE SCENES/BLOOPERS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEN-f…



SB Thoughts:

:04 dude’s in no shape to be playing hide and seek

:31 looks like another version of him

:50 how does he expect to win hide and seek if he doesn’t listen to his surroundings? amateur.

1:07 hahaha i want to know how long it took to decide upon this song, superfreak media

1:42 no you do fucking not

1:52 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1VgRRWOVKg

2:03 BLUE ROSE!!!


2:16 “…this tall”


2:38 “My name is Annie, and I’ve been with Michael. The good Michael is in the Lodge, and he can’t leave. Write it in your diary.”

2:56 close call, Jeff.

3:08 yeah, this is definitely just Twin Peaks.

3:30 I mean..at least it’s not the YOU version of you.

3:41 the other timelines of you are real clumsy, man.

3:46 this one just happened to have been carrying an open bottle of nail polish over his head right as he fell

4:40 just impale yourself on a tree branch already

Lesson: worst. groundhog day. ever.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩

An Untold Story

Description: A story never seen by Vanita & Krishna
Director & Story writer : Vanita
Instagram page: http://instagram.com/vanitadulawant
Videographer & Editor : Krishna
Instagram page : http://www.instagram.com/kphotography…
Other major credits : Anita, Mukesh, Sai, Lakshmi & Manisha bhati

SB Thoughts:

:48 things are getting pretty serious between me and this girl. we’re Netflix and chilling.

1:04 that flower throw thing on the couch is awesome, btw

1:16 ..so..do you want me to go home?..or am I staying over?

1:32 her room is THE SHIT.

1:57 you see a spook behind you in a picture, but -THE CUP- scares you..

2:33 guess you’ll just have to sit on that couch for all of eternity

2:50 time for the spooking you just watch to play around in your psyche

3:08 wait..so you turned and the lights were suddenly off and the TV actually turned back on by itself?? leave the premises.

3:10 this is not tag, the kitchen is not base. leave.

3:12 clean the nail polish off your hand, grab the enormous stuffed bear, and leave.

3:31 “‘don’t install a bug zapper as a light in your bathroom,’ they said”

4:40 this might actually be the only horror short I’ve ever seen where the person being spook’d actually reaches out successfully to another human being to report what they’ve experienced though. i’ll give you that.

5:05 “babe, you’re just dumb. you’re just – REALLY – dumb.”

5:46 well..

6:10 so she just DIED OF FRIGHT?? hahah weak.

Lesson: Only weaklings get scared to death.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩


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Director: Jaz Kalkat
Producer: Tom Morris
Production Coordinator: Elise Morris
DP/Camera man: Brooks Ludwick
Camera Assistant: Cameron Riddles
Movie Tech: Grant Duncan
Sound Master: Chris Claypool
Makeup Artist: Sheila Mia Selfi
Editor: Tyler MacIntyre
Gaffer: Gordon Yould

Sheriff: Peterson Wade
Occula: Mair Mulroney
Megan: Raven Perez

Crypt TV:

We love scary stories, we believe scary stories unite us and the best ones make us a little more connected to each other. Crypt collaborates with storytellers around the world to bring the next generation of monster stories to life — for you, for free, everyday. Follow us @CryptTV everywhere and find your #MonsterWithin.

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SB Thoughts:


:01 as opposed to the missing OLD high school student

:10 “well, scissor me timbers”

1:06 “..who could have eaten ALL OF THIS jam????”

1:32 ha ha you fell

1:44 “YOU LIKE MY EYE COLLECTION, BOY? I’ll fuck ya for it”

1:53 “where you get that idea? my hot topic jacket??”

2:00 “hold on, my third eye wants to talk to you..”


2:20 dude’s more than happy to oblige looks like

2:23 when he gives you those eyes without having to be asked twice


2:33 “One thing’s for sure; some demon bitch has her eyes in a jar. I’m Carly Capra with Action 89 News.”

Lesson: Lemme get those eyes tho.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩