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When I Am Alone

Description: “Your Inner Fear takes you”
This short film is about the fear in you and how it creates illusions
Cast: Arcot Nirmal, Nanna raju
Produced by: Mallikarjun

Oscar Dreams. pictures
ICONS media production

SB Thoughts:

:18 getta loada this drone

1:33 fun fact: that stuffed animal is aCtUaLlY the spawn of the Grinch fucking a cat and someone killing it to be taxidermy’d.

1:55 why

2:15 …so..a little overkill for just the title entrance..dontcha think

2:34 so, he’s gay

3:29 dude, it’s time to get your apartment exterminated of spooks

4:05 that’s right, don’t let that teddy bear intimidate you

4:33 those cacti are cute

5:11 ..I don’t even..what?

6:35 you forgot to pick up the apple, that’s just gross…your life wasn’t a dream, yadda yadda.

6:40 learn how to stairs

6:55 you’re arm food

Lesson: If you have this many problems being alone, you should probably seek professional help.

TDDR [too depressing didn’t read]: This guy’s life sucked and then he died.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩


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Rolling blackouts are plaguing citizens all over the nation, but are these just power outages?

Find out in our NEW SHORT FILM: DEMONS – Know someone you’d like to scare this Halloween? Send them a Demongram with this video attached and send us your best scare stories in the comments section! The best story will receive a shoutout in our next video so be sure to SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS to celebrate the SEASON OF SCARE!

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SB Thoughts:

:13 capitalizing on that Stranger Things font

:50 “demons have taken over earth and resistance is futile. back to you, Tom”

1:16 “thems sounds sound like demon whisper sounds”

1:33 oop now you did it, Paul. you opened the door and all the demons is gonna get in

1:49 this demon wears high heels

2:05 “sorry, Paul. have you ever worn high heels??? it takes awhile to get places”

2:10 the prettiest demon

2:18 did he run over to a DJ booth? because that’s what it sounds like

2:26 this demon is actually just a sleestak from Land of the Lost


3:25 ya, I’m sure it’s gone now. PAUL –YOU FOOL!!

4:16 “oh, thank god, you came out to your car…you know, I would’ve felt like a real fool sittin in here all night by myself.”

Lesson: That sleestak fucked Paul –and to all– a good night.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩