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Description: A Film By Jamie Knight
Starring: Brehna Williams & Georgia Machon

SB Thoughts:


:16 FUCKING. GROSS., Marianne

1:20 ya, fuck those leaves

1:51 I’m sure that was nothing

2:02 you’re being tormented because you put ice in your wine

2:32 “OH, FUCK. I cat-know shits about to go down” – this cat

2:48 “I couldn’t give any less fucks. I just want to take baths in more cream”‘

3:28 “I can’t wait to murder this girl, so I can make with the bathing in more milk, already”

3:30 why would she need to wash her hands before drinking something?

3:48 ….? “I saved money by switching my water bill to 100% blood”

4:05 this girl does not look like a smoker

4:15 she just growled

4:45 ew, Marianne. not cool. who wears a jersey while taking a bath?

Lesson: Bathing in blood of virgins is so 18th century.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩

Don’t Look

Description: Andrea lives alone plagued by nightmares, however one night she discovers something is with her in the apartment.

SB Thoughts:

:05 the most overused kid laughing audio ever recorded

:57 who buys a pillow with one enormous eyelash on it?

:18 -2:20 “British, British-British, British, British”

2:21 you got a piece of glitter on your left cheek, let me get that for you

2:42 that phone set down was loud AS FUCK

3:05 “i’ll let myself in” – this ghostie

3:07 “how rude of me, I almost didn’t close the door” – also this ghostie

3:25 sup, growl, sup

4:20 the description says this is her apartment, but it looks like a hospital break room

4:45 shits in your brain, mimicking voices of those you love. you done for.

4:51 just looks like any ol’ guy

Lesson: She looked tho

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩