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Description: Shortlist is a new Short Horror Film for 2015 shot on the Sony
A5100 Mirrorless Camera. Check out my other New Short Horror Film ‘CREAK’

Music: The Horror Music Album purchased from Neumannfilms.net
Additional music provided by Richard Jones.

SB Thoughts:

:35 what are you?

2:41 this is almost entirely inaudible.

2:58 it’s so quiet all I heard was the sound prompting me to be scared?

3:45 how many spooks exactly are you running from, Gerald?

4:25 he just hugged him to death. how nice.

Lesson: Whatever this thing is, maybe they wouldn’t lose it so much if they didn’t incessantly hang it from a random branch in the forest.

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars ✩