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Night School

Description: Night School – Short horror film

A young student gets bored of his class. He suddenly goes to sleep. When he wakes up he finds himself all alone. He decides to take his things and get out of there, but a few things aren’t quite right. It seems that maybe he is not alone as he thought.

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– Disasterpeace – Title (It follows)
– Disasterpeace – Heels (it follows)
– Disasterpeace – Anyone (it follows)

SB Thoughts:

:20 judged as a douchebag

:29 I like the blink darkness effect

1:10 no instructor is gonna be like “guess douchebag fell asleep in my class, i’ll just leave him there till he wakes up”

1:24 sucks to suck

1:55 you havin a spooky nightmare, doucheypoo

2:05 “oh, us? you want to be outside…us?” – these doors

2:19 “NAH.” – also these doors

2:40 dude, I feel like I am being sucked up into an audio file of doom. stop.

2:44 is a push door this whole time. silly, douche.


3:39 hahahaha whatever would have crossed behind the doors and infront of us — that fast — would have ran directly into that wall and probably knocked itself out. the ability to even pick up that kind of speed in a space as small as a stairwell is hilarious to think about. it must have been the ghost of the Flash.

5:11 now it’s red time

5:19 “wake up, douchebag. class ended.”  – that kind guy.

5:33 “allow me to hold open these doors that hate you.” – also that kind guy.


6:20 and then he died of fright in the elevator.

Lesson: Ghosts are actually just really nice dudes.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩