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Internet Famous

Description: An amateur “Let’s Play” YouTuber finds something more on his channel than let’s play videos of himself.

Written & Directed by Jordan Hudecz
Starring Andrew Cusimano, NIkki Burrage, and Jordan Hudecz
Edited by Jordan Hudecz and Andrew Cusimano

SB Thoughts:

:19 nice pidgeotto haircut

4:03 put your balls on his face

4:20 hahaha so dude’s just still there?? ok

5:20 that’s just the naked guy who lives in his room

5:50 probably should be more concerned right now than you are

7:15 how do you just not even care right now? haha

Lesson: Never put thousands of videos of yourself on the internet or else mysterious legs and arms will pull you into a room of your own house and make love to you all night.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩

An Untold Story

Description: A story never seen by Vanita & Krishna
Director & Story writer : Vanita
Instagram page: http://instagram.com/vanitadulawant
Videographer & Editor : Krishna
Instagram page : http://www.instagram.com/kphotography…
Other major credits : Anita, Mukesh, Sai, Lakshmi & Manisha bhati

SB Thoughts:

:48 things are getting pretty serious between me and this girl. we’re Netflix and chilling.

1:04 that flower throw thing on the couch is awesome, btw

1:16 ..so..do you want me to go home?..or am I staying over?

1:32 her room is THE SHIT.

1:57 you see a spook behind you in a picture, but -THE CUP- scares you..

2:33 guess you’ll just have to sit on that couch for all of eternity

2:50 time for the spooking you just watch to play around in your psyche

3:08 wait..so you turned and the lights were suddenly off and the TV actually turned back on by itself?? leave the premises.

3:10 this is not tag, the kitchen is not base. leave.

3:12 clean the nail polish off your hand, grab the enormous stuffed bear, and leave.

3:31 “‘don’t install a bug zapper as a light in your bathroom,’ they said”

4:40 this might actually be the only horror short I’ve ever seen where the person being spook’d actually reaches out successfully to another human being to report what they’ve experienced though. i’ll give you that.

5:05 “babe, you’re just dumb. you’re just – REALLY – dumb.”

5:46 well..

6:10 so she just DIED OF FRIGHT?? hahah weak.

Lesson: Only weaklings get scared to death.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩


Description: A master chef finds herself in a losing battle against an army of buzzing foes right before a big dinner.

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Director, Writer: Zach Lorkiewicz

Meg Stanton

Crypt TV:

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SB Thoughts:

:02 anything would be better than that Cupcake Wars show

:36 dude. that fly was packin’ blood.

1:00 that looks like hot sauce

1:08 pullin’ out the big guns

1:19 the suicide bomber of flies

1:52 your kitchen is grody

2:09 housewife level 20

2:23 your cake somehow dodged the incessant blood bath


2:46 maybe this could have been given a second thought

Lesson: Becoming domesticated; it’s a trap.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩

Inside Already

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Natalie is home alone and victim to an Intruder with a weird fetish.

Watch in 1080p, Full screen with high volume for full viewing experience

Director: Kyle Godfrey

Director: David Ajibodu

Written By: Kyle Godfrey, David Ajibodu, Reynard Guia, Matthew Hedden
Screenplay By: Kyle Godfrey
Edited By: Kyle Godfrey
Sound By: Kyle Godfrey
Production Assistants: David Ajibodu, Matthew Hedden, Reynard Guia, Jenny Godfrey
BTS: Reynard Guia

Kyle Godfrey @stromedykyle
David Ajibodu @theajitv
Matthew Hedden @matt_hedden
Reynard Guia @reybythebay

Lea Crawford @leamcrawford

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SB Thoughts:

1:11 this girls hallway IS the Hogwarts hallway

1:26 how rude.

2:02 may as well not grab a knife, dude’s probably got his hands busy laying everything very carefully on it’s side.

2:18 lmao

2:34 hahahaha that bathroom isn’t big enough for her to not have seen him in there with her

2:55 watch, they’ll lay her body on its side

3:03 mask status: happy

Lesson: “I never leave the house without lipstick on” – that masked intruder

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩