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Description: Mordue Pictures first short film back in 2013, ‘Charlie’ was a part of a challenge to make a short horror film in one night on a budget of merely £10. This was the results.


‘After ignoring a threatening chain letter believing it to be a hoax, Dan finds himself being stalked and taunted by an evil presence the following night.

Alone in his flat with all exits blocked, a sinister night unfolds as he quickly realises that CHARLIE is coming…’

Directed by: Luke Mordue.

Produced by: Luke Mordue. Nathaniel Francis.

Starring: Max Mordue. Alex Steedman. Luke Mordue. Anna Skibniewski-Woods.

SB Thoughts:

:49 ♫cat ♩chy ♫mu ♩sic, ♫but ♩I ♫can’t ♩be ♫lieve ♩it’s ♫sti ♩ll ♫cred ♩its ♫play ♩ing

1:16 email chain mail curse, a favorite horror tale trope

2:20-2:27 :mumbles accent mumbles:, mate, okay?

2:57 I hope he masturbates now.

3:15 – 3:20 more unintelligible mumbles

4:12 there we go, get nice and comfortable Danny boy.

4:36 Charlie shape in front of the bed, leave him be, it was just getting good.

4:52 that’s right, baby doll, play your guitar, your video games, do your exercises

5:03 stood up? uh oh, coincidentally MY schedule is ALSO free

7:22 don’t look now, the joker from the new horrible remake is right behind you

10:12 “911 victim blaming unit, Charlie speaking”

11:32 “I can’t go through that door. that door’s too dark and has too many spooks”

11:50 he wasn’t wrong?

13:36 whatchu doin layin on the ground all by your lonesome, nail friend?

13:48 brilliant illusion tactic executed

13:52 oh you bumped your head, let me rub that all better for you

14:00 where did you get that knife, Dan? I honestly must have missed that part


Lesson: Johnny is the actual worst friend.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩

The Rattler

Description: “Have you ever heard the story about The Rattler?”

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The Rattler (2015)
Ana Valverde

Written, Directed, Edited by:
Deric Nunez

Executive Producer:
Erika Nunez

Director of Photography:
Michael Papilla


Copyright © 2015 Cowmaster Studios

SB Thoughts:

:59 girl power

1:41 fuckin mattson

2:02 genuinely unique idea

2:32 and make me…what?? the anticipation is killing me.

2:42 oo a tall man

2:47 “don’t look at me, I’m just a mannequin.”

3:14 “okay, m’am we’ve got a lot of marshmallows in our mouth right now, but we’ll transfer you…maybe some other time…”

3:23 “…shake shake shake…she hung up on me! shake it like a Polaroid picture”

3:47 “man, I should have installed my doorknob the real way”

3:59 “now it’ll never door knob right”

4:20 the only things scary about this is that gross mustache and cheap vampire fang press ons

Lesson: Go out every night, so nobody with a gross ‘stache eats your skin.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩



Published on Jun 4, 2016

“Be careful what you click on…”

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Clickbait (2016)
Rachel Lynn David

Written, Directed, Edited by:
Deric Nunez

Executive Producer:
Erika Nunez

Copyright © 2016 Cowmaster Studios

SB Thoughts:

:23 oo doll, in the ads bar, lemme get yo’ numba.

:38 fuckin hipster art

:59 cursed by being half ostrich, half woman she now crashes computers

1:00 look into my not ostrich-y eyes and meet death

1:03 “My name is Metal in a Blender’, auditioning for the part of minute 1:03-1:05”

1:28 its a virus that poops in your bathroom and doesn’t have the decency to spray

2:11 predator here to make you a snack

3:07 hello, booty.

3:15 no one hangs dangle lights around their kitchen island.

3:48-3:51 I actually replayed this multiple times.

Is this just someone with a wig over their head that they CGI’d over to have teeth move to expand out sideways?

our brilliant design team [also, me] got to the bottom of this.



the answer was a conclusive, yes.

Lesson: Don’t click ads.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩


Description: You aren’t the only one working late…

With a long night ahead, a man alone at work encounters a strange disturbance during his bathroom break.

Starring: Lee Silva, Taylor Kerby
Directed by: Mitchell Kerby, Taylor Kerby
Director of Photography: Mitchell Kerby
Edited by: Mitchell Kerby, Taylor Kerby
Sound Editing by: Mitchell Kerby

Shot on Canon T3i/600D
Edited with Adobe Creative Cloud

SB Thoughts:


2:40 the only thing that can save me is the moonwalk now.


3:20 “I’m in my trusty bathroom stall. Do your worst monster scum!”

3:53 this old fashioned lock is actually very impressively crafted.

5:03 borscht, BORSCHT EVERYWHERE. And all over my nice clean floors.

Lesson: Bathroom stalls save you from nothing.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩


Description: 1. Turn Off the Lights
2. Turn Up the Volume
3. Full Screen the Video

“Just Because you decide to forget the past doesn’t mean the past will forget you.”

Made for 2015 “It’s Only a Movie” – Short Horror Film Festival. The film took the prize for “Scariest Film” Thanks Everyone!

Release date: Oct 2015

SB Thoughts:

:44 “dress hanging in the hallway, totally normal.”

1:42 “ah yes, time to have a beer labeled ‘BEER’ in my fridge I bottle myself.”

1:50 “this is what I do with beer, all the times I drink beer, which is – always.”

1:59 “everything in the living room seems to be in order, clock on the left wall ✓, tv on the right wall ✓, dead girl staring at me in the corner ✓”

2:10 “blackout? I keep matches on my person for just the occasion.”

2:16 “time to light my gas lamp, because it’s 1790 and I own that.”

2:21 “…wait a second, I OWN A FLASHLIGHT.”

2:34 “nope, it’s not just the switch that broke, we got a full-fledged blackout on our hands”


3:36 “ah, Cardboard Cut-Out of Charlie Chaplin I keep in the middle of my room, you gave me a fright.”

3:50 “okay, here we are, the record player I keep a Tiny Tim record in at all times.”

4:08 “A CAVEMAN?? I don’t even live with a caveman!”

4:30 “time to get in my car I totally brought car keys to start, despite having gotten directly out of bed”

4:36 “hello, woman I keep in my backseat at all times for company, let’s roll!”

4:41 “..wait a second?! I don’t have companionship!!”

4:49 “my battery, check engine light, and oil light all just came on?”


Lesson: If you can’t just be scary, be funny enough.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩


Description: Ouiji is a story of a writer who is executing research on a Ouija board she acquired at a goodwill store. The Ouija board is actually ancient and has a dark past. Oriel will soon discover an unexpected mystery.

Writer and Director : Azron Shai
Lead Actress : Lora Overton
Ghost Actor : Jesus Curioso
Production Designer : Oscar Curioso
Sound Effects : Shybeats
Sound Engineer, P.A. : Jesus Curioso
Costume Design : Make-Believe

Camera : Panasonic GH3
Color Enhancement : Magic Bullet

SB Thoughts:

:24 “you never talk to me anymore, it makes me feel really unloved.”

:55 “keep yourself shut, they said. whatever, buddy, how ya like me now?”

1:02 excuse me, is that FOUR PC TOWERS?? who is this woman? ANONYMOUS??

1:32 “thanks for the forewarning, supercomputer AI.”

1:36 “is the bad thing going to happen to my vagina?”

2:17 “HA HA, okay, THAT ONE was oddly specific..”

2:59 what kind of quiz is this????

3:58 “it is I, the murderer from Scream…a/s/l?”

4:32 still got spooked.

Lesson: Online quizzes are all made by the devil.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩


Description: A man hears knocking at his door late at night and quickly discovers that something sinister wants to come in.

Written and Directed by Danny Donahue
Starring Jamie Daniels

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The Moonlight Man
The Whisperer

SB Thoughts:

:12 dude has bars on his windows. he knows.

1:37 genius gun trick, friend.

2:20 uh oh, spooky shadow behind you.

2:27 don’t worry, it’s gone. i’m sure it was nothing.

2:30 i’m sure these threats are working, Terry. you are a man in-charge of your domain. don’t let the spooks tell you any different.

2:48 lmao ok, Freddy-hand, just barge right in, I guess.

Lesson: Freddy-hand don’t follow nobody’s rules.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩