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Inside Already

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Natalie is home alone and victim to an Intruder with a weird fetish.

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Director: Kyle Godfrey

Director: David Ajibodu

Written By: Kyle Godfrey, David Ajibodu, Reynard Guia, Matthew Hedden
Screenplay By: Kyle Godfrey
Edited By: Kyle Godfrey
Sound By: Kyle Godfrey
Production Assistants: David Ajibodu, Matthew Hedden, Reynard Guia, Jenny Godfrey
BTS: Reynard Guia

Kyle Godfrey @stromedykyle
David Ajibodu @theajitv
Matthew Hedden @matt_hedden
Reynard Guia @reybythebay

Lea Crawford @leamcrawford

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SB Thoughts:

1:11 this girls hallway IS the Hogwarts hallway

1:26 how rude.

2:02 may as well not grab a knife, dude’s probably got his hands busy laying everything very carefully on it’s side.

2:18 lmao

2:34 hahahaha that bathroom isn’t big enough for her to not have seen him in there with her

2:55 watch, they’ll lay her body on its side

3:03 mask status: happy

Lesson: “I never leave the house without lipstick on” – that masked intruder

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩