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Description: Viewing suggestion: Watch alone, in the dark, with headphones.

Vicious has won eight awards internationally, including Gold Award for Best International Film at Toronto After Dark and Platinum Award at the LA Horror Competition. It was nominated for a further seven awards, including Melis d’Argent at Molins in Spain.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch Vicious – I really hope you enjoyed it. I’ve been writing scary stories since I was very young and I am so excited to finally get the first of many ideas made into a finished film. I have many more scripts ready to go into production, including the feature length version of Vicious. If you’re interested in getting involved or want to get in touch please do at info@oliverpark.co.uk

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This film can also be viewed on Vimeo here – https://vimeo.com/143537386

Written, directed and produced by Oliver Park.

Twitter – @Oliver_Park / @ViciousFilm

Copyright Oliver Park.

SB Thoughts:

:32 this camera let’s no solid object get in its way.

1:39 this lady is not fuckin around when she comes home

2:11 lemme get that spooky painting

2:36 the only thing scary in this house is you

2:50 camera, you’re going the wrong wayy, shes going the other way

3:26 this angle is what nightmares are made of

3:28 ugh, half-spook

4:05 “look at the camera like you’re going to terrifyingly haunt your loved ones”

4:21 camera, go home, you’re drunk.

5:10 baby cloverfield monster

5:31 oh, I hate that.

5:45 “I’m just a filthy slob”

6:10 “now my filth is coming to consume me”

6:16 she is peeing herself

6:23 this is SO not okay

6:28 survey shows: “the least okay” of them all

6:43 like, actually, just kill me.

6:58 that face you make when you spooked your pants

7:05 yeah, probably best leave it on.

7:23 this is just the alien from signs. TOO BAD YOU DON’T LITTER CUPS OF WATER EVERYWHERE INSTEAD OF CLOTHES, Sharon.

7:58 this is where you leave the house

8:08 doors are hard tho.

8:21 “Collect call from: HELL..if you would like to accept this call, please press 4”

8:52 most terrifying camera pan – ever

9:53 use light as a sword

9:59 dick ghost is a dick

10:18 “oh I’m sorry, did you want your keys? would be a shame..if someone…closed… the door..”


you, me, and everyone sees that this is an unacceptably bad decision you’re making.

11:17 sexy LAYdah




11:23 nowkith

Lesson: Having a perfect aesthetic can’t save you from death.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩


Leave Us Alone

Description: This horror movie short was a 2013 Screamfest Official Selection.

Sam, a young single mother inherits a profitable piece of farmland from a grandfather she never knew. On the grandfather’s deathbed, he tells Sam about a ship that crash-landed on the farm, and the deal that he made to not disturb the travelers when they return. Covering up the disappearance of three missing geologists, Sam is prepared to do anything to protect her son as well as the farm’s dark secret.
Directed By:
Nicholas Treeshin
Produced By:
Hayden Baptiste, Rodney Davidson & Riley Walsh
Written By:
Nicholas Treeshin
Main Cast:
Leah Gibson & Phil Granger

SB Thoughts:

:09 she does NOT look happy

:19 the little boy from the omen grew up poorly

1:05 “mind if I bother you while you’re clearly thinking to yourself about something terrible?”

2:04 “are you being a bad mom right now?”

3:50 “…I need you to complete the ritual so the demon spawn can terrorize the earth and almighty Baphomet can rise again”

4:07 Ancient-Aliens

4:54 this is the box I keep all their big ol’ floppy probing dildos in. keep them safe. ✍

5:11 normal response to orb flight

5:25 the cock ring has spoken.

6:49 “I’m not your buddy, friend”

6:56 ♫ transformers: robots in disguise ♫

7:11 sucked em’ up like a noodle

8:43 Pepperidge Farm remembers, old man

9:55 now all you got is alien replacement son

10:52 “okay, lady, we pooped your real son back out of our goop. byyee”

Lesson: Aliens are dicks.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩



Published on Jun 4, 2016

“Be careful what you click on…”

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Clickbait (2016)
Rachel Lynn David

Written, Directed, Edited by:
Deric Nunez

Executive Producer:
Erika Nunez

Copyright © 2016 Cowmaster Studios

SB Thoughts:

:23 oo doll, in the ads bar, lemme get yo’ numba.

:38 fuckin hipster art

:59 cursed by being half ostrich, half woman she now crashes computers

1:00 look into my not ostrich-y eyes and meet death

1:03 “My name is Metal in a Blender’, auditioning for the part of minute 1:03-1:05”

1:28 its a virus that poops in your bathroom and doesn’t have the decency to spray

2:11 predator here to make you a snack

3:07 hello, booty.

3:15 no one hangs dangle lights around their kitchen island.

3:48-3:51 I actually replayed this multiple times.

Is this just someone with a wig over their head that they CGI’d over to have teeth move to expand out sideways?

our brilliant design team [also, me] got to the bottom of this.



the answer was a conclusive, yes.

Lesson: Don’t click ads.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩