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Description: Nothing bad can happen if you stay home alone… right?

Nominated for “Best Short Film” in the 2017 iHorror Awards, Fear Awards and “Best Horror Short” in 2017 AM Egypt Film Festival.

Nautical Films
Alone (A Short Horror Film)

Directed by: Ryan Sheets

Olivia Koukol
Alex Oechsel

Assistant Director: Josh Garrett

Boom Op: Ben Carter & Alex Oechsel

Edited by: Ryan Sheets

Music by: Triune Sound & Charles Zimmerman

Breathing Woman Sound Effect by: Distorted Room


SB Thoughts:

1:16 hey, be more scared or something?

1:30 WEAPONS!! does no one have a will to live?!?!

1:46 “nope, you can’t do door stuff. I said.” – the door

1:52 the circus came to you, how lucky (save the elephants)

1:58 you have one of those new record players that ruins records for only $20

2:22 hahahaha I wanna hear the story behind how that sound was chosen

2:40 bet you regret not going to that party now, huh, Brenda?

2:58 I think I would be so scared I would actually just run down with the adrenaline fervor of an Olympian and kill anything alive that crossed me

3:16 I can’t be the ONLY ONE who thought this shadow was a person..shadowghost.png

3:26 stop tryin’ to make bar stuff happen


3:39 you got basement owls. call the exterminator.

3:49 hahahahahahaha what is that?!?! a steak mask?


there are no discernible facial characteristics. I don’t..

I was so hopeful for this to be a 5 star until steak-face appeared.

Lesson: Almost every short horror film I’ve ever watched is one person, alone, being preyed upon. So no, description, actually — that’s shit advice.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩


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Director, Writer: Jon Kovel
Producer: Brandon Hall
Associate Producer: Amy Ebersole
Music: Andy Bauer
Cinematography: Morgan Demeter
Makeup artist: Ron Karkoska
Special Thanks: Evan Brown

Jefferson: Zach Dulin
Adam: Andrew Kai
Old Man: William Knight
Hit with Brains Girl #2: Ana Roza Cimperman
Hit with Brains Girl #3: Kalista Dwyer
Brah: Hunter Cope
Hot Chick: Christina Jacquelyn Calph

Crypt TV:

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SB Thoughts:

:06 crack.jpg



1:35 bro.jpg

2:03 my..boobies..

2:10 corn deepthroat

2:22 puttingon.jpg


3:00 too bad that didn’t happen to the assholes who live down the street from me.

Lesson: https://youtu.be/_sxTbfeYdO0

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩

House of Prey

Description: Filmed at Victoria’s Black Swan Inn, one of the most haunted location in the United States.

SB Thoughts:

:05 already annoyed by this mute car alarm

:53 chandelier love

1:03 I hope that terrifying gold backed woman in the painting does the predator-ing

1:44 annnnd…no one was surprised about a collection of porcelain dolls on premises

2:01 :O grudge level spooked

2:07 aw fuck, bizarro world drag queen woman in black

2:10 on second look…is that just ANOTHER member of the Voldemort family whose style pays homage to Darth Maul??

2:25 I didn’t expect the invisible man to show up, or that he would have at some point become a vampire…but I guess, I shouldn’t make so many assumptions…

2:31 it sounds like he actually just bit a hole in her neck – to throw up in

Lesson: Found footage usually leaves more questions than answers.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩


Description: When a mid twenties man takes things too far with his girlfriend, the night takes an unexpected turn.

I’m excited to release another short film of my own! As I continue to mature, I’m finding it harder and harder to squeeze these little shorts in with all of life’s responsibilities. This was a true testament of what I can do with a skeleton crew in a few days. Maybe the next one will be longer lol.


Directed by: Jacob Souza

Written by: Andrew Tripodi & Jacob Souza Lead Cast

Andrew Tripodi as Nick
Kim Senser as Taylor

Director of Photography: Jacob Souza

Edited by: Jacob Souza

Sound by: Noah Goldberg

VFX by: Noah Goldberg

2nd Assistant Camera: Dylan Hammalian

Key Grip: Noah Goldberg

Special Thanks to Casimere Jollette

Shot on Panasonic GH4.



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SB Thoughts:

:24 sex shame is u-g-l-y

1:06 “take that” – ghost

1:28 she must have went to art school downtown

1:48 your art is so bad – YOU BROKE THE ELECTRICITY

1:55 woof

2:06 hahaha seriously? it’s the safe word?? I love it.

2:26 “babe, you don’t need to be a rapey clown for me to want to fuck you”

2:55 bowchickawowwow.gif

3:00 no shirt ✓

3:03 shawn hunter hair ✓

3:26 “my boobs are a crunchy sounding remote control”

3:44 get fucked, shawn hunter

4:42 fell for the ol’ drippy sink trick

Lesson: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safeword

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩


Description: 1. Turn Off the Lights
2. Turn Up the Volume
3. Full Screen the Video

“Just Because you decide to forget the past doesn’t mean the past will forget you.”

Made for 2015 “It’s Only a Movie” – Short Horror Film Festival. The film took the prize for “Scariest Film” Thanks Everyone!

Release date: Oct 2015

SB Thoughts:

:44 “dress hanging in the hallway, totally normal.”

1:42 “ah yes, time to have a beer labeled ‘BEER’ in my fridge I bottle myself.”

1:50 “this is what I do with beer, all the times I drink beer, which is – always.”

1:59 “everything in the living room seems to be in order, clock on the left wall ✓, tv on the right wall ✓, dead girl staring at me in the corner ✓”

2:10 “blackout? I keep matches on my person for just the occasion.”

2:16 “time to light my gas lamp, because it’s 1790 and I own that.”

2:21 “…wait a second, I OWN A FLASHLIGHT.”

2:34 “nope, it’s not just the switch that broke, we got a full-fledged blackout on our hands”


3:36 “ah, Cardboard Cut-Out of Charlie Chaplin I keep in the middle of my room, you gave me a fright.”

3:50 “okay, here we are, the record player I keep a Tiny Tim record in at all times.”

4:08 “A CAVEMAN?? I don’t even live with a caveman!”

4:30 “time to get in my car I totally brought car keys to start, despite having gotten directly out of bed”

4:36 “hello, woman I keep in my backseat at all times for company, let’s roll!”

4:41 “..wait a second?! I don’t have companionship!!”

4:49 “my battery, check engine light, and oil light all just came on?”


Lesson: If you can’t just be scary, be funny enough.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩