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ONLY ON CD828!!!

Rolling blackouts are plaguing citizens all over the nation, but are these just power outages?

Find out in our NEW SHORT FILM: DEMONS – Know someone you’d like to scare this Halloween? Send them a Demongram with this video attached and send us your best scare stories in the comments section! The best story will receive a shoutout in our next video so be sure to SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS to celebrate the SEASON OF SCARE!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween Friends! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!


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SB Thoughts:

:13 capitalizing on that Stranger Things font

:50 “demons have taken over earth and resistance is futile. back to you, Tom”

1:16 “thems sounds sound like demon whisper sounds”

1:33 oop now you did it, Paul. you opened the door and all the demons is gonna get in

1:49 this demon wears high heels

2:05 “sorry, Paul. have you ever worn high heels??? it takes awhile to get places”

2:10 the prettiest demon

2:18 did he run over to a DJ booth? because that’s what it sounds like

2:26 this demon is actually just a sleestak from Land of the Lost


3:25 ya, I’m sure it’s gone now. PAUL –YOU FOOL!!

4:16 “oh, thank god, you came out to your car…you know, I would’ve felt like a real fool sittin in here all night by myself.”

Lesson: That sleestak fucked Paul –and to all– a good night.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩

The Traveler

No Description Provided

SB Thoughts:

:40 “…you know something I don’t know?”

1:14 that bed sheet heard you honking at it

1:36 yes, now is a good time to lock your doors, lipring.

2:00 run it over. what’s the worst that could happen?



2:48 I’m sure it’ll be in the backseat now.

3:03 set the mood with some unsettling music

3:18 they clearly just spray painted a v for vendetta mask, got a long black wig, and a long white moomoo

3:28 jam

Lesson: The resistance is drunk and needed a ride home.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩

U Get What U Deserve

Description: During the Trump presidential era, Kagan is the victim of a terrifying home invasion – when she calls 911 for help she quickly finds the newly implemented 911 operating system does not offer help as willingly as it used to. With the intruder in the house, Kagan’s life choices could mean a long wait before help arrives…

Special Voice Appearance by Gates McFadden (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Starring Atsuko Okatsuka (Littlerock) and Mike Estes (Ash vs Evil Dead)
Featuring the Voice of Adam J. Yeend (Liz & Dick)

Directed by John Fitzpatrick
Written/Edited by Brian Chandler
Cinematography by Nicholas Kaat
Camera Operated by Nathan Dean Fetzer
First Assistant Director: Damien Bodie
Key Makeup by Ericka Cho
Visual Effects by Jessica Chandler and DJ Summitt

Produced by Brian Chandler, Jessica Chandler, Ryan Dillon, John Fitzpatrick, Sarah Fitzpatrick and Adam J. Yeend.

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SB Thoughts:

:07 looks about right

:30 flowers is not weapons, silly

:40 creepedout.gif

:58 sick fucking tits. let’s do this.

1:33 hahaha fuck.

1:52 this is too real

2:29 capitalism you_would_img1.gif

2:56 burn him tho

Lesson: resistance.jpg

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩✩