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Description: This is the first film we made. The film taken using Canon DSLR 600D with minimum lighting. Sorry for the noise. Better take the headsets on for best experience.

SB Thoughts:

:24 ohh, kind of like me right now

:46 I wish I was eating snacks

1:50 this has been an exciting couple minutes of watching some dude live his life and everything..

2:30 a nun is here

2:40 the sheets will save you..what could go wrong?

3:05 seriously? did I miss something??

Lesson: Bed sheets are magic that keep away shadow nuns.

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars ✩

Let’s Play

Description: Direct Of Photography: Muhammad Rafly Suwandi Ig: @mhmmdrafly.s_ Editor: Rizky Ary Setiawan Ig: @rizkyary1899 Soundman: Ridho Zanzabil & Rizal Mahdifikia Ig: @ridhozanzabil & @rizalmahdifikia Lighting: Dimas Iman & Dimas Saputra Ig: @settawesome_ & @dimasaputraa_ Clipper: Irham Bachri Ig: @irhambhr Make Up Artist: Riky Akbar Ig: @rkyakbr Behind The Scene: Ady Saputra Ig: @adysaputra2 Wardrobe: Camelia Putri & Fadilla Suseno Putri Ig: @cmliaunt & @fadillasusenoputri Actor: Muhammad Reza Pathoni Ig: @rezapathoni Actress: Maria Adinda Ig: @mariaadnd

SB Thoughts:

:22 flexing butt to the rhythm of the ticking

:26 thats a big ass fish

:40 ugh, make the bad sounds stop

1:43 “man, I have really bad music taste”

2:03 :wave away the eye sleepies:

3:40 this guys background house music is even more off-putting

4:11 Klkjsldfkj dfsdf sdlfkjsdfklj lsdkfjsdf? sldkfjsldfkj dfds ksdjfsdf sdfkjsdfj sdfsjdfkjsdf d


5:44 “time to stuff this pink teddy bear in the toilet and go to bed”

5:54-7:39 throws glasses and eats noodles in the kitchen. finds a baby toy.

7:44 everything is blue light now?

7:58-8:34 eats chips and drinks an energy drink

8:36 something breaks and he finds a block

9:07 “okay, that’s the last straw, I’m installing surveillance cameras”

11:05 static-y walker

11:16 it’s knife time

11:43 “welp, guess that was nothing”

12:04 tip toe tip toe

12:29 otherwise healthy looking girl with blood on half her face telling him to play

Lesson: Less snacks, more spooks.

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars ✩