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Dinner for Two

Description: This is my first (horror) short film, of hopefully many to come. I worked with a great crew who helped me put this all together and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. The short was “Insidious” inspired with the music from the soundtrack by Joseph Bishara. Hope you all enjoy!

SB Thoughts:

:45 this woman lives IN a factory

1:17 nice swinging chair

1:40 probably just a cabin decoration

2:08 she for sure would have seen him

2:22 clumsy Cathy

2:36 this creaking couldn’t have been that dude, we all saw how quiet he is



2:56 dude probably broke in to claim this property. i would too.

3:15 back walkin’ like a dummy

4:02 of course it’s tiny tim

4:20 that was probably just whoever she was texting

Lesson: Tiny Tim always sets the mood.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩


Description: 1. Turn Off the Lights
2. Turn Up the Volume
3. Full Screen the Video

“Just Because you decide to forget the past doesn’t mean the past will forget you.”

Made for 2015 “It’s Only a Movie” – Short Horror Film Festival. The film took the prize for “Scariest Film” Thanks Everyone!

Release date: Oct 2015

SB Thoughts:

:44 “dress hanging in the hallway, totally normal.”

1:42 “ah yes, time to have a beer labeled ‘BEER’ in my fridge I bottle myself.”

1:50 “this is what I do with beer, all the times I drink beer, which is – always.”

1:59 “everything in the living room seems to be in order, clock on the left wall ✓, tv on the right wall ✓, dead girl staring at me in the corner ✓”

2:10 “blackout? I keep matches on my person for just the occasion.”

2:16 “time to light my gas lamp, because it’s 1790 and I own that.”

2:21 “…wait a second, I OWN A FLASHLIGHT.”

2:34 “nope, it’s not just the switch that broke, we got a full-fledged blackout on our hands”


3:36 “ah, Cardboard Cut-Out of Charlie Chaplin I keep in the middle of my room, you gave me a fright.”

3:50 “okay, here we are, the record player I keep a Tiny Tim record in at all times.”

4:08 “A CAVEMAN?? I don’t even live with a caveman!”

4:30 “time to get in my car I totally brought car keys to start, despite having gotten directly out of bed”

4:36 “hello, woman I keep in my backseat at all times for company, let’s roll!”

4:41 “..wait a second?! I don’t have companionship!!”

4:49 “my battery, check engine light, and oil light all just came on?”


Lesson: If you can’t just be scary, be funny enough.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩