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Devil Witch

Description: Short horror film Devil witch.
This movie about the witch. She lived in 1970 in the city of Moscow.
It is based on real events.

SB Thoughts:

:15 wake up, lady. you’re ina movie. LOOK ALIVE LOOK ALIVE.

:24 tricked me, that’s not a lady that’s just a trickster.

:32 hahahah got me and that guy.

:54 that text just says “a man wearing an old lady mask is watching you from you TV”

1:03 do you want ants? this is how we get ants.

1:18 hahaha everyone in this movie is asleep. and what is that behind him? a statue of half a body?

1:20 oooo spooked

1:33 ya, you got it right, sleepy Tom. there WAS the presence of half a person right there just a second ago.

1:44 who dat?

2:03 this guy doesn’t know how to function through life in any capacity


2:25 hahahah ok

2:45 ..so..are you just like still asleep from the first time?

3:14 hahahah YEAH. they’re totally STILL under the sheet, Tommyboy.

3:29 spooked

Lesson: GOT ‘EM


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩

The Lake

Description: Starring Amelie and Grace Chadwick
Written and Produced by Gemma Day
Sound by Aaron Reilly
Music by Kevin Macleod

SB Thoughts:

:17 proud of you for this shot. it looks sick as fuck.

:39 ..what’re you two up to?

1:08 hahaha what, how

1:15 playin a good ol’ game-a stick stick

2:06 you shouldn’t be surprised she’s gone, you two seem to have the ability to teleport at random

2:50 “now I’m just boat alone, I guess :(”

Lesson: If your friends can teleport, get new friends.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩


Description: Mirror- A Short Horror Film.

This video is made based on the unusual paranormal activities that happens around us.

Story- Abdul Al Mamun Nafiur Rahman

Direction & Camera- Nafiur Rahman

Sounds & Video Editing- Nafiur Rahman

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Thank you for watching. 🙂

SB Thoughts:

:08 I thought it was gonna say Dot House…because…ALL THE DOTS.

:44 hahaha

:49 tryin’ to have good face hygiene?!? NOT ON BLACKHOLE-EYE-YOU’S WATCH.

1:16 jedi.png


2:00 those instruments should be used in horror more.

2:12 hahaha I dunno if his mouth is big enough. WHY STOP THERE???


Lesson: With the modern magic of Microsoft Paint the opportunities are nearly endless.



Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩