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Description: My first stab at the horror genre.
Special thanks to the cast and crew for your unwavering dedication and innovative no-budget lighting solutions.

SB Thoughts:

:20 welp, don’t go in there

:22 you’re done for, Jessica.

:59 Italian turn down for what, I guess?

1:25 doors are hard.


2:07 that’s it, itsaliens.jpg

2:37 did something eat whatever was actually in the bed’s face off? and why?

2:39 it was 1/4 scary but 3/4ths hilariously big face’d.

Lesson: Too many fourths hilarious equals no scares.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩

Last Night

Description: WINNER – Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival – Best Short Horror Film (Student)

This is a well told story, about a young woman who’s world kept secretly from those around. A promising short-film that excels in it’s sinergy of different art forms.

Written and directed by: Tal Bohbot

Cinematography: Amit BenShlomo

Sound: Geva Hason | Cfir Yaackobi
https://www.facebook.com/geva.hason | https://www.facebook.com/cfir.yaacobi

Cast: Eden kokarko | Nadav Laieb
https://www.facebook.com/eden.kokarko | https://www.facebook.com/nadav.leib

Lightning: Yotam Sadot

Edit by: Tal Bohbot | Amit BenShlomo
Song: Cigarrets after sex – nothings gonna hurt you baby

סרט אימה קצרצר על נקמה נשית ביום האהבה.
הופק במסגרת לימודי קולנוע במכללת ספיר, 2016

SB Thoughts:

2:39 “I made one steak, so you could eat and I could watch you eat.”


3:02 is this really necessary?

3:33 hahah what, why?


4:14 pretty unnecessary stabbing since he would have already died from neck bloodloss

Lesson: So this is just her thing…

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩

When I Am Alone

Description: “Your Inner Fear takes you”
This short film is about the fear in you and how it creates illusions
Cast: Arcot Nirmal, Nanna raju
Produced by: Mallikarjun

Oscar Dreams. pictures
ICONS media production

SB Thoughts:

:18 getta loada this drone

1:33 fun fact: that stuffed animal is aCtUaLlY the spawn of the Grinch fucking a cat and someone killing it to be taxidermy’d.

1:55 why

2:15 …so..a little overkill for just the title entrance..dontcha think

2:34 so, he’s gay

3:29 dude, it’s time to get your apartment exterminated of spooks

4:05 that’s right, don’t let that teddy bear intimidate you

4:33 those cacti are cute

5:11 ..I don’t even..what?

6:35 you forgot to pick up the apple, that’s just gross…your life wasn’t a dream, yadda yadda.

6:40 learn how to stairs

6:55 you’re arm food

Lesson: If you have this many problems being alone, you should probably seek professional help.

TDDR [too depressing didn’t read]: This guy’s life sucked and then he died.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩