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A horror short-film based on blue_tidal’s creepypasta story “The Smiling Man.” This was first introduced to me by the YouTuber Cry (or Cryaotic) in his amazing series, “Cry Reads…” If you’ve never seen it, definitely check it out.
This is my first scripted production and it has a lot of flaws. I filmed about half the shots I needed to, the low light and sound was a pain, but overall it was a great learning project. This was also the first and only projects I really got to work on with my cousin Jake (the second half of TheBrothersGrymm) before he passed away August 2015. I miss him more than the world, he was a genius when it came to the technical aspect of anything and life will be tough without him, but he believed in me and my pursuit to become a writer/director. I will do anything I can to prove him right.
I hope you enjoy and I am more than welcome to constructive criticism so I can make sure my next projects don’t fall into the same rut.
Thank you everyone who helped and made this project possible.
This ones for you Jake.

SB Thoughts:

1:21 hit by bus :end film:

2:25 literally no one would do this.



4:12 easiest. prey.

Lesson: R.I.P Debbie; she never stood a chance.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩


Description: Nothing bad can happen if you stay home alone… right?

Nominated for “Best Short Film” in the 2017 iHorror Awards, Fear Awards and “Best Horror Short” in 2017 AM Egypt Film Festival.

Nautical Films
Alone (A Short Horror Film)

Directed by: Ryan Sheets

Olivia Koukol
Alex Oechsel

Assistant Director: Josh Garrett

Boom Op: Ben Carter & Alex Oechsel

Edited by: Ryan Sheets

Music by: Triune Sound & Charles Zimmerman

Breathing Woman Sound Effect by: Distorted Room


SB Thoughts:

1:16 hey, be more scared or something?

1:30 WEAPONS!! does no one have a will to live?!?!

1:46 “nope, you can’t do door stuff. I said.” – the door

1:52 the circus came to you, how lucky (save the elephants)

1:58 you have one of those new record players that ruins records for only $20

2:22 hahahaha I wanna hear the story behind how that sound was chosen

2:40 bet you regret not going to that party now, huh, Brenda?

2:58 I think I would be so scared I would actually just run down with the adrenaline fervor of an Olympian and kill anything alive that crossed me

3:16 I can’t be the ONLY ONE who thought this shadow was a person..shadowghost.png

3:26 stop tryin’ to make bar stuff happen


3:39 you got basement owls. call the exterminator.

3:49 hahahahahahaha what is that?!?! a steak mask?


there are no discernible facial characteristics. I don’t..

I was so hopeful for this to be a 5 star until steak-face appeared.

Lesson: Almost every short horror film I’ve ever watched is one person, alone, being preyed upon. So no, description, actually — that’s shit advice.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩