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Ding Dong Ditch

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Ding Dong Ditch

Director, Editor: Wes “Wuzgood” Armstrong (https://www.youtube.com/wuzgood)
Writer: Paris Lay
Producers: Mark Reid, Mark Korshak, Shari Armstrong, Wes Armstrong
Execeutive Producer: Byron Ashify

Off The Dock Productions: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg4E…

DP: Gabriel Rubiano
Production Designer: Derek Hayes
Music Composer: Corday Cardwell, Michael Shelly
1st AD: Douglas Martin
Production: Rebecca Eddy, Hannah Elliot

Sunny Mabrey
Brandi Marie King
Joey Diggs Jr.
Wez “Wuzgood” Armstrong

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SB Thoughts:

1:23 is she just eating handfuls of couscous?

1:50 you can tell without the makeup to make her look more like a witch she’s probably really pretty

2:20 these kids are dicks

3:11 hopefully taking out a shotgun

3:43 watch; she just rigged an explosive to go off

3:53 blood ritual?

4:27 you’re about to be a couscous replacement

4:45 I hear you like doorbells. so I put doorbells, on the doorbells, on the doorbells

5:21 pretty shit that she’s the only one who got trapped in doorbell land when it wasn’t even her idea

5:17 dude, just ring the doorbells. it couldn’t take that long. what else do you have better to do in that room?

Lesson: Teenagers are dicks.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩

Dying Beauty

Description: A widow is left lifeless after a gruesome car accident took the life of her baby boy and husband. After waking up from a nightmare she realizes she has to try to move on with her life and carry them with her wherever she goes. But is it too late?

Directed by James Allen

Widow played by Izabel Pavlova

Ghost played by J’shaun Allen

Music by Jeucey Negrete and Gage Farnes

SB Thoughts:

1:22 have you heard of tinder?

1:31 ..was this shot really necessary?

1:41 time to eat pills and drink my fruit punch

1:49 uh you dropped your fruit punch

1:55 – 2:11 now it’s getting everywhere

2:34 sometimes we all dream we killed ourselves, witch Melania

3:02 “I wish I was married to this stuffed dog, but instead I’m married to Donald Trump”

3:23 “this is where I would put my baby……………….ifihadone.jpg

3:35 what is a cyclops doing in that baby bedroom?


3:43 ugh you have terrible taste in coffee

4:29 – 4:52 so glad we got this car footage in the film

5:05 time to buy cat food for that cat that didn’t exist in my home

5:30 totally forget the cat food

5:38 hahah what

6:18 you think you can just go out and buy cat food dead on black-sheet’d-ghost-in-your-hallway’s watch?!?! THINK AGAIN.

6:28 someone turned your nice stuffed dog into a dirty white eyed porcelain doll

6:34 and glued others to your ceiling

6:36 also, hands?

6:50 someone get this woman an emmy

7:17 what is it, witch Melania? speak.

7:28 ah yeah, about that..

7:44 don’t you hate it when your living room floor turns into a sand fire pit, black smoke seeps from under your basement door, the rubberman from AHS crawls your walls, and your front door is unleave-able?

8:10 just what this short needed –a drone.

Lesson: When all else fails, bring in the drone footage.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ✩✩