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Family Dinner

Description: None provided.

SB Thoughts:

:23 sushi, niiiiiiiice

:51 those are empty. WHAT GIVES???

1:20 what’s wrong, grumpy face?

2:52 sounds like his son is a dog.

3:35 buns

3:53 littering is against the law!

4:17 who are they fooling that that’s a boy? but i guess, who actually cares, gender is fluid.

4:52 you get empty sushi

5:04 “YOU’LL EAT EMPTY SUSHI AND YOU’LL LIKE IT!!!!” is what they didn’t say.

5:38 “that’s right, eat it, motherfucker.” – also what they didn’t say.

6:25 “NO DADS, ONLY EMPTY SUSHI!!!” – these lesbians

6:45 “now you die and we make sushi of you.” – also these lesbians

7:20 “eat your son” – these lesbians


8:44 dessert is his balls.

Lesson: Lesbians eat men in sushi. Fuck the patriarchy.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩✩

Photoshop Nightmare

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“Photoshop Nightmare”

Director/Editor/DP/Co-Writer: Matthew McCrory
Producer/Composer: Troy Koch
1st AC: James Fazarro
SFX Makeup Artist: Gabrielle McAfee
Gaffer: Ryan Woebbeking
PA: Dan Swartz

Photographer: Ryan Woebbeking
Doomed Model: Catherine Donovan

Filmed at WunderKammer Co. in Fort Wayne, IN

Crypt TV:

Crypt TV produces and acquires short films of the scary & horror variety. If you love scary horror videos and frightening monsters, you’re going to fit in terrifyingly well with the Crypt Family.

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SB Thoughts:

:14 blegh

:42 clever

Lesson: Unhealthy images of women kill actual women.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ✩✩✩