A Little Off the Top


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“A Little off the Top”

Director, Producer: Adam O’Brien
Writer, Producer: Julien Maisonneuve
Screenplay: Julien Masionneuve, Peter Skovsbo
Director of Photography: Arnaud Dumas
Editor: Mathieu Demers
Sound Design/Music: Christian Rivest
Special Make-Up FX: Remy Couture

Ingrid Falaise
David Nerman

Crypt TV:

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SB Thoughts:

:07 oh, how original, a vaguely unsettling quote.

:34 this guy’s a prick.

1:27 we’ve gotten it for like AT LEAST thirty seconds that this woman is either dead, restrained, or a doll. just fess up already with the camera pan…

2:23 I can’t believe there’s six more minutes of this…


4:17 hair fetishist, “dumbin it down”

6:18 quite the clean unbleeding cut for a supposed start to scalping?


7:54 “my job? the guy that stands outside playing a saxophone just in case anyone needs to drown out underground torture.”

Lesson: Never fall in love with a hair fetishist.

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars ✩


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