Let’s Play

Description: Direct Of Photography: Muhammad Rafly Suwandi Ig: @mhmmdrafly.s_ Editor: Rizky Ary Setiawan Ig: @rizkyary1899 Soundman: Ridho Zanzabil & Rizal Mahdifikia Ig: @ridhozanzabil & @rizalmahdifikia Lighting: Dimas Iman & Dimas Saputra Ig: @settawesome_ & @dimasaputraa_ Clipper: Irham Bachri Ig: @irhambhr Make Up Artist: Riky Akbar Ig: @rkyakbr Behind The Scene: Ady Saputra Ig: @adysaputra2 Wardrobe: Camelia Putri & Fadilla Suseno Putri Ig: @cmliaunt & @fadillasusenoputri Actor: Muhammad Reza Pathoni Ig: @rezapathoni Actress: Maria Adinda Ig: @mariaadnd

SB Thoughts:

:22 flexing butt to the rhythm of the ticking

:26 thats a big ass fish

:40 ugh, make the bad sounds stop

1:43 “man, I have really bad music taste”

2:03 :wave away the eye sleepies:

3:40 this guys background house music is even more off-putting

4:11 Klkjsldfkj dfsdf sdlfkjsdfklj lsdkfjsdf? sldkfjsldfkj dfds ksdjfsdf sdfkjsdfj sdfsjdfkjsdf d


5:44 “time to stuff this pink teddy bear in the toilet and go to bed”

5:54-7:39 throws glasses and eats noodles in the kitchen. finds a baby toy.

7:44 everything is blue light now?

7:58-8:34 eats chips and drinks an energy drink

8:36 something breaks and he finds a block

9:07 “okay, that’s the last straw, I’m installing surveillance cameras”

11:05 static-y walker

11:16 it’s knife time

11:43 “welp, guess that was nothing”

12:04 tip toe tip toe

12:29 otherwise healthy looking girl with blood on half her face telling him to play

Lesson: Less snacks, more spooks.

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars ✩

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